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ACR Group was founded in 1995, as a result of the experience of its founder in the field of transport and air conditioning with more than 25 years of experience. The company is born to focus on the air conditioning and mainly on the automotive industry.

  We manufacture cold equipment for vehicles, air conditioning compressors of all kinds, machinery for air conditioning specific for workshop, settling internationally.

  Our base of operations has an area of 4,500 m2, where manufacturing is located of cold equipment, compressors, machinery manufacturing, logistics warehouse and offices. Our headquarters is located in the city of Alzira, Valencia (Spain).

  We also have a Technical Assistance service, as well as a Repair Service and maintenance of any type of equipment, regardless of whether we have manufactured it.

  We have an extensive commercial network, with numerous international distributors, as well as with commercial agents that support the work in each region.

  Our strong point is customer service. This is achieved thanks to the combination of our experience in the market, our technical knowledge of the sector and our experience as a manufacturer.

  We provide the best customer support by helping you choose the equipment you need, personalizing if necessary, giving telephone assistance, training our customers, etc …

We design and manufacture cold equipment designed for the most demanding conditions.

…we also:

We design and manufacture air conditioning and air conditioning equipment so that the transport of people is as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

You can contact us and we will solve any doubt about the equipment that your vehicle or fleet needs.